Laughter is The World’s Best Medicine

Life's Journey Through The Absurd Told With Sophistication and Wise-Ass Humor. 5 Star Reviews: WARNING: “This Book Causes Smiles, Chuckles, and Outbursts of Laughter”. David's stories are engaging, entertaining, and full of both true and embellished...

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The Tragic Absurdities of Life

When Ironic is NOT Funny! This past Sunday I took my mom to her cousin's birthday party in Manhattan. Her cousin was 96 years old! An incredible accomplishment! Her cousin's son-in-law, age 70, was also there. Three years ago he almost lost his life. He had been...

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Much To Do About Nothing

28 Life Lessons From “Seinfeld” A Show About Nothing Teaches us Everything! Seinfeld was dad's FAVORITE show on TV. He loved watching the characters talk about and literally do NOTHING, while making the viewers laugh hysterically. "Restaurant Rows" is similar in that...

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Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

I KNOW you KNEW you WERE/ARE my HERO because I told you many times. How many daughters can say that their daddy was their friend, their mentor, their confidante, their father, and their HERO? I was so LUCKY to have you as my father. Just wanted more time... I MISS YOU...

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Looking For A Great Father’s Day Gift?

Something Special For Dads for Father's Day Don't listen to me - listen to "them". More reviews are in and many recommended dad's book as a great father's day book. Check out the reviews on Amazon HERE! . If your dad likes to laugh - (who doesn't) - then he will...

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