A Labor of Love

Actually, the word “labor” is the wrong word because it denotes something painful – like childbirth! This project is anything but painful. It is a TRUE labor of love.

My name is Julie Weishaar, and I am one of two very lucky ladies who had the most wonderful father, David Sahud – the author of From Self-Proclaimed Nerd, to Accomplished Executive, to Befuddled Snowbird Dad (“daddy” to me and my sister, Carole-Beth: but will refer to him as “Dad” for the purposes of this blog. However, I might switch back and forth).wrote extremely entertaining stories over the years and was always encouraged to get them published because they were so enjoyed by those who read them. I did get one of his stories published in an offline magazine many years ago (Keeping up with Technology) but as life always got in the way, he never did get around to publishing his stories. After he passed away on August 25, 2012, I spearheaded this project with our families joyful consent that this would be a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man, while bringing entertaining and engaging stories to the masses so that his talent would not be wasted in a file folder where his stories lived. This book brings to life what is essentially an auto-biographical account of my dad’s life – mixed with tons of hyperbole as part of his creative genius.

The book is in the process of being carefully proofed by my daughter, Isabelle, and will be ready to be published in the next few weeks. His stories appeal to the Jewish population who will recognize similar experiences that they have gone through in their lives. Retired folks will definitely be able to relate to many of the stories and their children will enjoy reading them so they can try to understand their parents (and get a glimpse of what they don’t realize yet; that they, too, will be able to relate soon). Business people will be inspired by Dad’s innate ability to turn even the most dire circumstance into a win-win. (Silent Messages) Young, middle-aged, elderly, Jewish, non-Jewish, baby boomers, folks who grew up during the depression, business people, men, and women will ALL find all his stories not only enjoyable but also will see parts of their own lives that parallel the times of his life cleverly depicted in humorous, engaging, and partially auto-biographical tales.

As soon as the book is published, the links on this website to “Buy” will be live and rest assured, you will be the first to know when that time comes.

I will be writing this blog to touch on the different areas of interest the stories revolve around as well as some of the people, who over the years, had an influence on my father’s life as well as on his writings.


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