We are getting REALLY close to publishing – just a few short weeks away. This has been both a HIGHLY rewarding experience as well as a HIGHLY emotional one. Reliving dad’s stories has been joyous, yet at the same time, missing him more and more with each passing day. So many times, I wanted to pick up the phone and call him to ask a question, clarify something, laugh with him…. Daddy I miss you SO much! Mom is setting up the final touches for us. She is going through the stories and finding the photos we have that fit each story. Thanks mom for getting us closer to publication. And of course, many thanks to my daughter, Isabelle, who reviewed the 73,000 word manuscript with a fine tooth comb to find her mother’s types, grammatical, and formatting errors. A true work of collaborative love dedicated to the memory of my dad, the most wonderful dad, an inspiring human being, and an all-around amazing human being!

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