“Model” Child Makes Mom Grows Fangs

If you are a parent, then chances are you have experienced this syndrome. You know the signs. One minute you have this loving adoring child who literally brings you a sweater when she hears you tell a friend that you are cold. (Yes, this is a personal example). And the next minute the same child’s head is spinning around 360 degrees (ala The Exorcist) coupled with projectile vomiting (No, this is not a personal example LOL).

In “Crime and Punishment” Dad talks about his life at the age of seven, when his parents split up, the pursuant custody “issues” and life’s changes – not all for the good, but with his usual ability to find humor even when relaying some pretty difficult situations.

“When we got to Miami, I suddenly became a street urchin, running around without shoes and hanging out with a different breed of friends than the ones in New York. They were southern bigoted rednecks, but my Jewishness was not obvious from my name. Mom made me write to Dad once a week (often writing it out for me to copy). My letter usually followed receipt of my weekly $5.00 check, which was a pretty cheap court settlement for Dad to get rid of me. Frank was good to me and made no effort to discipline me. He learned in a previous marriage that he was sterile. So I was his only entre into the next generation.”

Have Any Model Child Turned Monster Stories To Share?

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