I Hope You Are Happy Now: I Cried My Balls Off!

Yup, that was a typical Dad comment. Here’s the story behind it. We made Dad a surprise 80th BD party that was a huge success. We managed to keep him in the dark during the planning phase – not too difficult a task. Dad was a VERY smart man, but at times he was clueless. Mom would hand me pictures to include in the epic film of his life that I created for him called “The David Sahud Movie” right in front of his face and he didn’t seem to notice. He was probably too busy playing with Sebrina! Cryptic phone conversations also went right over his head – again – a good thing!


I have a memory as a child, hiding behind Mom’s car in the garage to “surprise” Dad when he came home from work. I sure did “surprise” him – so much so that he got angry with me. Told me to NEVER scare someone like that again because I could give them a heart attack!

That comment and fear stayed with me all my life. So when it came time for Dad’s surprise party, I was actually nervous! Thank goodness, he was wrong – we COULD surprise him and NOT give him a heart attack.


I think Dad was in a state of shock for quite a while. People from all different parts of his past joined us in this very special occasion and to see all of them in MY house at once – really shocked him. Childhood friends, former employees, relatives, current friends – all gathered together to honor a wonderful man on his 80th BD. One of his former employees actually changed a planned business trip so as not to miss Dad’s party.

So, back to the movie of his life. The room was filled with laughter and tears as the guests watched “The David Sahud Movie!”.

I noticed not one dry eye in the house except Dad’s and I teased him about it saying: “Do you realize that YOU were the ONLY one who didn’t cry at YOUR movie”?

The following day Dad calls and says almost angrily (feigned of course): “I hope you are satisfied! Your mother went out and I watch my movie again and CRIED MY BALLS OFF!

That was my Dad! 🙂




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