Well – We Are About Two Weeks From Going Live

In approximately two weeks those links above and the link below will be LIVE! I can’t wait to hold my dad’s book compiled with more love than can ever be imagined, in my hands – the final version. People are asking about how they will know when it is ready for purchase. First of all, I will be plastering it all over the Internet and hope that others will share. Even if dad’s humor is not your cup of tea, you never know who could really use a laugh and would be grateful for your sharing. I know I am most definitely prejudiced, after all, he was my daddy, but others’ non-biased opinions are the same 🙂

Dad loved to laugh and thoroughly enjoyed the comedy of people like Betty White, the late Alan King, Jerry Seinfeld, and Phil Rosenthal.

You want to know a secret? Dad knew Phil Rosenthal as did I – we knew  him “when”… 🙂  I was in the high school plays with Phil – we were both in My Fair Lady together. My ex also went to High School with Phil. Back in our days, we were required to create a “film” our senior year. My ex and Phil did their “film” together. I still joke with my ex about what he did WRONG and Phil did “right” in terms of show biz. Dad and I often watched Everyone Loves Raymond together, laughing from beginning to end.

Dad’s comedic flair was influenced by his innate sense of humor, as well as the works of famous folks like Phil, Larry, and Jerry. I think if they knew him, they would have been friends.



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