Life’s Journey Through the Absurd Told With Sophistication and Wise-Ass Humor is Now Available in Kindle Format!

I know that Kindle is the rage these days but I have always been a tad behind the times – OK – MORE than a tad! 🙂 I don’t even OWN a Kindle!

I only RECENTLY got a “smart phone” and still don’t know how to use all the features. That must be why God put children on earth – to help us use our technological devices. Speaking of technology…

There is a story that is NOT included in Dad’s book called “Keeping up With Technology”. I can say that I didn’t put it in the Book for a reason but I think I would be lying – I darn just missed it.

In any event, it IS published on my blog and you can read it here: Keeping Up With Technology. Dad, with his usual wit and creative genius, talks about how he and others in the “older” generation (I think I am in that generation now!) dealt with advancing technology. Check it out – I promise it will bring about a chuckle, or two, or three…

Speaking of Kindle…you can now read “From Self-Proclaimed Nerd, to Accomplished Executive, to Befuddled Snowbird in Kindle Format! Go ahead – make YOUR day! Get a copy now!



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