Make Them Laugh and They Will Listen

I have always been a firm believer in using humor in all aspects of life, including business. After all, if we don’t laugh at some things, we will cry, right? The Social Media Examiner agrees with me. Check out: 5 Tips for Using Humor in Your Social Media Activities and watch their videos – they are really funny.

What is it about laughing that makes it “work”? Read full blog post LAUGH Gosh Darn It!

WARNING: This Book Causes Smiles, Chuckles, And Outbursts of Laughter

Amazon Review: Just partway into the book and I felt like there was a part of me in David, or a part of David in me. By the time you’ve finished reading the book you’ll feel like you’ve known him all your life, or wish you had. His humor, experiences, and wisdom are worth my weight in gold. (I say my weight cause that’s a lot of gold.) … buy a copy of the book today, all the smiles, chuckles, and laughter are included free of charge.

Obviously Dad agreed that laughter is the world’s best medicine!



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