What are You Getting Your Dad for Father’s Day?

Yes, it’s almost that time of year again. The time for those of us lucky enough to still have our fathers to celebrate and honor them. For those of us who don’t, we cherish our loving memories while missing them.

You might have the best intentions of trying to find the best present and want to get him something different. However, to many, this is challenging.

Even if you have the best intentions and say to yourself “This father’s day I will give my father something different”, it’s not always easy. 

Are You in Search of the Perfect Father’s Day Gift?

Coffee mug? Nah…I got him one last year. And the year before that! How many coffee mugs does one person need?

How about a CD? Nah, he like music from another planet.

How about an alarm clock? Nah…then he will expect me to be on time.

Take him out to dinner for pizza? Nah… too cheesy.

A tie? No, mom begs: “Please no more ties”.

An umbrella, a shirt, a broom? NO!.

Looking for Something Different?

Have you heard that laughter is the best medicine? Give your dad something funny. A funny book to relax with and enjoy. With stories like:

  • Just bitching and moaning
  • The Penis Dialogues
  • Messiah or Marshmallow
  • Move Over Robin Cook
  • Eat Your Heart Out Donald Trump
  • and MANY more…

Life’s Journey Through the Absurd Told With Sophisticated Wit and Smart-Ass Humor

THIS IS the father’s day gift you have been looking for…something different and special. See what others have said about this book:

  • “Great Read A well-written humorous read about everyday life situations.”
  • “These stories will make you smile and laugh out loud. Great Father’s Day Gift. “
  • “WARNING: This book causes smiles, chuckles, and outbursts of laughter”
  • “Funny and entertaining. Highly recommended. “
  • “Wonderfully entertaining!” “A little off-color, a lot profound, always funny! “

Get Your copy for your dad AND WATCH HIM LAUGH!

More reviews are in and many recommended dad’s book as a great father’s day book. Check out the reviews on Amazon HERE! .

If your dad likes to laugh – (who doesn’t) – then he will appreciate MY dad’s book. Place your order today!Save


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