First Reviews Are In…

Well, we have sold a few copies of dad’s book – this is getting exciting. What started as only a loving tribute to a wonderful father is turning out to be something that can bring much needed laughter to so many who face life’s daily challenges and are in need of some comic relief. Who doesn’t need that, right? Turn off your television, turn off your radio, get off the Internet… turn OFF bad news!

“This is a great read! It’s funny and poignant and insightful – and did I say “funny”? Mr. Sahud has a twinkle in his eye and compassion in his heart, and that life-view makes for a collection of short stories that will move you and stay with you. Read it in one sitting or come back to it again and again, buy it for yourself or buy it as a gift… Whatever you do, buy it and enjoy!”

I admit, I might be a bit prejudiced, since the author is my father. I’ve never known anyone with a better sense of humor than my wonderful father. He belonged to a writing club, and the highlight of my day was when he would send me his latest story. This book contains all of his stories, and I don’t think there is anyone that wouldn’t be able to relate to them. My father’s unusual way of looking at things, and his ability to handle even the most stressful situations with humor, has always blessed his family. I’m so glad that through this book, others will be blessed as well!!!! My advice: BUY THIS BOOK!!!”



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