When Ironic is NOT Funny!

stormThis past Sunday I took my mom to her cousin’s birthday party in Manhattan. Her cousin was 96 years old! An incredible accomplishment!

Her cousin’s son-in-law, age 70, was also happy BD helenthere. Three years ago he almost lost his life. He had been diagnosed with leukemia, received chemotherapy and beat the cancer. Shortly thereafter, he contracted a parasite that caused him to be unable to breathe. He was in a coma and on his deathbed. His family flew down to Florida where he lived to say “goodbye’. Yet, there he sat, 3 years later, healthy as a horse and feeling better than he ever did. A miracle!

That same day I learned that my daughter’s friend, a 21 year old girl, who had beat cancer TWICE, was being taken off life support. This loving, caring, wonderful “child” had beat leukemia once and went into remission. She got it again, underwent a bone marrow transplant and beat it AGAIN. Then she contracted a respiratory infection and her body was unable to fight it. She won two HUGE “battles”, but lost the “war” 🙁

Life’s absurdities are not always funny! How does one even make sense of such a horrible tragedy?

Rest in Peace Melissa!



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