“Sahud” Is Not As Uncommon As I Always Thought!

Dad did some research on other “Sahuds” out there on the planet and discusses his findings in “What’s in a Name?”

Who would have thought there were so many “Sahuds” out there? It is NOT exactly a common name like Jones, or Kent, or Smith.

Found 19 on PeekYou Some of the names look familiar, like dad’s and mom’s, and a few others, but the rest? Who the heck are they? Are they long lost relatives or total strangers who just happen to share a rather UNCOMMON name? Hmmmmmmm – who knows?

There is another David Sahud who started a presentation For the LA Project on Prezi.

Drum Majors Christina Bartholomew and David Sahud and the Monarch High School Coyote marching band open their performance of “War and Peace” at the Colorado Bandmasters Association State Marching Band Competition

I wonder how many with dad’s name are out there and IF we are related! And all these years I thought my maiden name was VERY unusual. I guess not! 🙂

Have you checked to see how many of “you” there are out “there”?



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