Life’s Journey Through The Absurd

Told With Sophistication and Wise-Ass Humor. 5 Star Reviews: WARNING: “This Book Causes Smiles, Chuckles, and Outbursts of Laughter”.

The Stories

David’s stories are engaging, entertaining, and full of both true and embellished historical facts. Growing up during the depression as a Jewish boy with an Arabic-sounding name in what he describes as a dysfunctional family environment, gave him a ton of fodder for his stories.

Retired folks will definitely be able to relate to many of the stories, and their children will enjoy reading them, so they can try to understand their parents.

Business people will be inspired by David’s innate ability to turn even the most dire circumstance into a win-win. EVERYONE will find David’s stories not only enjoyable BUT also will see parts of their own lives that parallel the times of his life cleverly depicted in humorous, engaging, and partially auto-biographical tales.

  • Stories like:
  • Back to the Future
  • House of Sahud
  • In Name Only
  • From Cranial to Anal Retention
  • Gut Feel
  • Bold Endeavors
  • Honesty is the Worst Policy
  • Hypochondriacs of the World Unite
  • Just Bitching and Moaning
  • Lord of the Zings
  • It’s in the Air
  • Messiah or Marshmallow
  • Mind Bloggling
  • Mouth Sans Brain
  • Move Over Robin Cook
  • Restaurant Rows
  • And many, many more…

Life Is About the Journey, So Enjoy It!

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