Sound Familiar?

If you were around when Sally Field gave her famous acceptance speech for Best Actress for Norma Rae – it will!



So Humble – So Likeable! Both Sally Field and Dad

I remember Sally Field’s acceptance speech so well. One can’t help but like her! Everyone who knew dad, also couldn’t help but like him. He was funny, kind, and very wise.

More Reviews Are In

Great Read, May 9, 2013: A well-written humorous read about everyday life situations, that will make you smile and laugh out loud. Great Father’s Day Gift.

The world needs more of David, May 8, 2013: I have read many kinds of books- romance,mystery,fiction,non fiction, memoirs, a lot of them and David’s book seems to have a bit of everything. His style is not pompous and unlike many books does not over stretch reality or even bore us with philosophy. His stories are kind of nice and the world needs more such stories. They do not speak of great universal truths but they have a universal appeal. His style reminds me of a great Indian author R K Narayanan who wrote about his surroundings, the everyday people, it’s difficult to make stories out of everyday life but David has made it a success. The review just before mine speaks of receiving David’s stories as letters and I too wish dearly that I had it received it as such for the unfortunate me finished it at one go. Can’t help it.

COULDN’T STOP READING UNTIL IT WAS OVER, May 6, 2013: David Sahud’s stories hold universal appeal. I cannot imagine anyone, young or old not enjoying them thoroughly. Whether he is writing about upbringing or careers, relatives or hypochondriacs they capture you. My only regret, I finished the book in one sitting. I want more stories. Give yourself a treat, buy and read this book.

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