“A little off-color, a lot profound, always funny! This is a great read! It’s funny and poignant and insightful – and did I say “funny”? Mr. Sahud has a twinkle in his eye and compassion in his heart, and that life-view makes for a collection of short stories that will move you and stay with you”.

“COULDN’T STOP READING UNTIL IT WAS OVER, David Sahud’s stories hold universal appeal. I cannot imagine anyone, young or old not enjoying them thoroughly. Whether he is writing about upbringing or careers, relatives or hypocondriacs they capture you. My only regret, I finished the book in one sitting. I want more stories. Give yourself a treat, buy and read this book”.

“Funny and entertaining. Highly recommended. This compilation of stories by Mr. David Sahud is a funny and most entertaining read that you won’t want to put down. He covers a wide array of topics including family, friends, business, retirement and life in general that are written in a way that folks can relate to. This volume will be a great Father’s Day present, a gift for any occasion or simply a treat for you. I highly recommend this book.”

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